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Welcome to the Combined Martial Arts site. 

Combined Martial Arts (CMA) is a term used at the CMA club and its members.  Like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) it is a hybrid system of various styles and disciplines. Unlike MMA, this CMA club is not commercialized and is self-defense and combat based as opposed to being a sport. Sport has its place in training, however, it stops short at being street reliable. 

Rolling around with people may be fun, however, going straight to the ground (BJJ) is not advised against multiple attackers and against the knife or shiv.  Boxing and sparring may be fun also, however if you get taken to the ground, the years of boxing and Karate are of little use against a trained grappler. There needs to be a blend or a balance of stand up fighting as well as ground fighting. 

Combined Martial Arts is a system that focuses on a balance of all variables of fighting.  Strikes, take downs and throws, ground fighting and sub-mission grappling, multiple attackers, weapon defenses as well as using basic low-tech weapons and improvised weapons for self-defense.

The more well known styles covered at this club include:  Jujitsu (includes BJJ), Judo, Aiki-Jitsu, Muay Thai (based strikes), Filipino Escrima (short stick and knife work), and Krav Maga (hard-core Israeli self-defense).

The primary instructor Mr. Joshua is from the US and is a former Law Enforcement Agent, Special Operations Security Officer (Para-military and armed/corporate security), body guard, and has 15 years of martial arts experience; training at a US University for 10 years and at various schools and seminars in the North East United States. 
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